This starts by shrinking your IT staffing vendor pool and only working with the best at delivering the highest level of quality. From the typical day of starting fresh, learning the ins and outs of the job, it was usually straight forward. If you are working with a recruiter and company you love and trust, who is able to keep you employed consistently, you are in an ideal situation. It doesn’t have to be a headache though. Because our industry is constantly under pricing pressure and margins are getting squeezed, it shifts a vendors focus to a numbers game. Recruiters create their own job postings, selecting key points from the client’s original job posting. Aureus Medical Group’s healthcare blog provides articles and information regarding careers in travel nursing, travel therapy, allied health and more. This will save you time on the front end, eliminate confusion, and help you juggle everything during the job search phase. For one in five, scheduling flexibility is a key reason for choosing temporary and contract work. . Registering and meeting with multiple staffing organizations is encouraged, according to Nick Burns, a Celarity Recruiter. As the candidate continues to field more and more calls and emails regarding the same role, the employer’s image starts to look sloppy and careless due to relying on so many recruiting agencies to pitch their role. Could not find a job with the right fit for me or them. For years companies have tried to commoditize the staffing industry, which has created a race to the bottom for placement fees. Traveling, Meeting people, Steady exercise, Contract based, Odd hours, Short contracts. “Bad” recruiters will submit your resume from a job board; and contact you only if an interview is requested. Our recruiters are experts at finding traveling positions that meet your needs. Have you ever worked with a great staffing vendor? It is possible for the employer to compensate the wrong agency. This is necessary so the agencies can avoid submitting your resume multiple times to the same employer. Submitting a candidate without their consent is not condoned by reputable staffing agencies. If you are working with a recruiter and company you love and trust, who is able to keep you employed consistently, you are in an ideal situation. 1. Don’t go dark on your recruiter. Appointments consist of an interview and several skills tests and could last up to three hours. Contract work is work - a job. What experiences have you had in working with multiple companies? Be honest with the recruiter about other opportunities you’ve been submitted for. Generally, if you … They want to know what you’re looking for in an agency that another may not be offering you. It is nice to be in many jobs, but it must be managed properly. Permanent employment remains a top priority for most staffing employees. As the candidate begins to field multiple calls regarding the same role, the recruiting firm’s image employers brand starts to become tarnished from the candidate’s perspective. Copyright © 2020 Aureus Medical Group® | Privacy Policy, How to Work with Multiple Staffing Agencies. Working with multiple recruiters could be viewed as a pragmatic approach. Forget about candidate experience and employer branding. By leveraging the connections, clients and jobs available through each, you end up with the greatest number of possible job opportunities. If the pros outweigh the cons for you, you should consider chatting with multiple agencies. However, there are times when having backup companies is very beneficial. How to Sign Up With Multiple Employment Agencies. You can be honest about your needs regarding the type of position you seek.


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