Last Friday’s lineup included a DJ set of electronic music played from his bedroom out onto the street, a bass and ukulele duo, acoustic Fountains of Wayne covers, and a folk music sing-along with a fiddle. Now that Page Street is shut to through traffic, the concerts have become an anticipated event, and people stay for the whole two-hour show.”. “It’s a difficult time for people in the performing arts, because without an audience, you’re just rehearsing,” said Lenhardt. Cellist Saul Richmond-Rakerd gives a concert from his front porch in San Francisco’s Haight neighborhood. But in Marin, no neighbor is going hungry. For 80 minutes, he did some of the fancy fretwork that made him famous as a regular on Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion” and winner of the 1983 National Fingerpicking Championship. “I like the spontaneity of it,” he said. Singer/songwriter Dan Israel got tired of presenting weekly livestreams during the pandemic. Prior to SFGATE, she was an associate editor at East Bay Express and freelance writer covering the Bay Area music scene. in English and Media Studies from UC Berkeley. One spring evening, Bill Tilton was walking through his Crocus Hill neighborhood in St. Paul when he heard cellos at the “Tiny Porch Concerts.” He’s been back for a couple more performances there. In addition to several originals and nifty instrumentals, Donohue reimagined Simon & Garfunkel’s “Homeward Bound” as the timely “Home Bound” wherein he’s “home with the Netflix playing” and “where my love’s behaving silently toward me.”. Beginning as a single Facebook event during the first week of the shelter-in-place order, Alameda Porch Concerts are now held every Friday. It’s not just professionals that participate in the porch concerts, however — and you don’t have to have a porch, either. He wanted to play for a live audience again and figured he’d give his front porch a try…. The local musicians have so much gratitude for what we’re doing, giving them an outdoor listening room where people are respectful.”. After the Donohue concert in his St. Paul neighborhood, Franklin Pineda and Josie Johnson, his fiancée, sported unerasable smiles. Musicians are typically collecting $300 to $600 in donations at yard shows. “There was a woman who shared chalk art that her daughter drew, and another woman who sang a hymn,” explained Serrato. Serrato also hosts Zoom meetings on Fridays at 6 p.m. for neighbors who don’t feel comfortable leaving their houses, and she’s been really impressed by some of the performances from amateurs she’s seen there. “It’s great to see normalcy, to see people and listen to lyrics,” said drummer Noah Levy. San Francisco Conservatory of Music Tiny Dorm Concerts includes the entire SFCM ecosystem of students, faculty, and alums serenading the world with live-streamed performances and masterclasses from each of their own personal concert halls, whether a dorm or living room or wherever they may be. Yard concerts have been a lifeline for avid fans like Mary Lundberg, who often saw live music two or three times a week pre-COVID. “I posted in the group that I was looking for something to keep our spirits up,” said Serrato. “I’m so happy in this moment,” Pineda said. However, they think the idea could work in other Bay Area cities, too — or, if not a concert series, something else of a similar community-building nature, like Marin County’s nightly “howl,” or the cheering to support frontline workers that many cities and towns across the country are doing. Walz orders early bar closures, group limits to curb virus spread, Election officials nationwide find no evidence of voting fraud, Postal worker recanted allegations of ballot tampering, officials say, Mpls. “It’s a case of thinking what can we do right now rather than what we can’t do.”. The Hub is also made possible, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council. Across the street, people roost on the curb, several hang out on their own porch. And ever since, each Friday at 6 p.m., the performances have continued. “We did this because we missed live music so much and our musician friends missed live performance almost more than we did,” said Dick Cohn, who organized “Live From Lincoln Center of the Block” with his wife, Val. A St. Louis Park couple built a deck last year specifically for yard concerts. “At the end, we want to hug everybody,” she said, “and we can’t.”. A family down the block on Lincoln Avenue has been staging a weekly series including classical and world-music performers since May. “I’m an old live-music guy. In Alameda, musicians across the city perform socially-distant porch concerts for their neighbors each Friday at 6 p.m. Marisa Lenhardt sings opera over techno beats from her driveway for socially distanced neighbors. These small (and safely conducted) displays of community boost morale in the midst of a terrifying crisis. That doesn’t quite make up for the $10,000 that St. Paul recorder player Cléa Galhano missed out on during the pandemic as performances and workshops in San Francisco, St. Louis and France were canceled. “It was wonderful to sit next to flower beds in a beautiful yard and listen to music,” she said of “Live From Lincoln Center of the Block.” “I’m ready for more.”. This is so sweet.”. “So I’ve really glommed onto this idea. One of the reasons I do the full costume is to create a moment that is completely removed from right now. “She was not a professional, but she sang from the heart and it really moved me.”. They chose their pal Donohue to be their inaugural act. “But nothing’s normal these days—and Page Street near Clayton Street has become an unlikely oasis for sporadic classical music concerts… They’re there to see and hear Saul Richmond-Rakerd play his cello on his front porch.… Richmond-Rakerd … moved to San Francisco in 2015…. 2020 will be our fifth season producing the Summer Concert Series with the National Park Service. “I knew that this island was full of talent, whether it’s singing or painting or metal working.”. Performers add their addresses to a form, which another neighbor, Irene Nexica, then organizes into a map. But they cordon off their section of the block during the performance and set up orange cones in the street so no one parks in front of their house or across the street. And for some, they hold even more significance. The next year they built a 10-by-25-foot deck for concerts. “I like that people are able to space themselves so they feel comfortable. A few mesmerized neighbors on their daily walks or bike rides stopped in their tracks when they heard her. Even passing cars on the residential street slowed to watch.


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