5. Various words are shown on the screen that start with /th/ and a voice states the word with time for readers to practice on the second round. The teacher will hold up each letter card and model the correct sound that each letter makes. shop, ship, shut, shed). Students match 6 pictures in the first column with the correct word that corresponds in the second column. How Do I Use Study.com's Assign Lesson Feature? In this phonics activity worksheet, students fill in the blanks in 9 words with the appropriate consonant clusters from the word bank. Letter Cards (s, t, w, h), dry erase board, dry erase markers. They practice rhyming consonant blends and trigraphs. Here is a simple, yet effective lesson on consonant blends. They read words beginning with the sh- sound including shark, shiver, and ship. The clock! credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities. Each slide contains a given blend or digraph and an illustration of the word that the learner will then say. Example: (gr)ill. | Help | Privacy They observe how the teacher has placed words in different columns ending on beginning letter sounds/ blends. In this phonics lesson plan, students practice pronouncing consonant blends and vowel sounds, demonstrating an awareness of beginning, middle, and ending... Introduce /ch/ and /sh/ to your beginning readers. - Students will identify sound of letters, and match words with beginning letter sound. This is a terrific way to review short vowels in a simple and quick method. All words contain S blends, such as snail, sweep, skate, smoke, and stick. Your class can learn all about triaxial blends, glazed colors, and ceramics. In this blended consonants worksheet, students examine 12 picture clues and draw a line to the blend that begins the word. Get access risk-free for 30 days, As they count each phoneme they write it down on their paper. Build a Fabulous Vocab: Words Beginning with SC, Short Vowels, Initial Consonants, Consonant Blends, Word Families, Phonics: Decode and Write Words with Blends, "Ce" as in Face or Ice with Initial Consonant Blends. With colorful pictures and a clear format, this resource is useful as a whole-group activity or at a center. In this language arts activity, students examine a word bank with 40 words which contain consonant blends. Students fill in 12 words, and 8 blanks for consonant blends bl, cl, fl, sm, sn, and st. Get Free Access See Review. Under each ending blend write one word (mold, task, drift, colt, and rest). Students match 10 answers. They perform a word matching game as a group. These worksheets use Clifford the Big Red Dog as a theme, and give the kids excellent and colorful practice.


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