He then turns and shoots the gun out of the first man’s hands, freeing Chance. May 10, 1958. A six-month-old Frost Point Siamese kitten, named Yu Phin, was given to Ricky Nelson by the Tucson Cat Club.

The opening sequence ends with the two men dragging Joe’s limp body out of the saloon doors. T. Producer-director Howard Hawks, left, and actor John Wayne on Old Tucson movie set for Rio Bravo on May 24, 1958. We cut back to Chance, who turns his gaze from Dude to Joe, who returns the look seemingly unfazed by the sheriff. Add more and vote on your favourites! His first instinct is not to turn to others who may jeopardize his keeping the town safe. Chance constantly refuses to accept help until he has absolutely no other alternatives. At first, it seems as though Dude has struck Chance to defend Joe and his chance at a drink. Though not the film’s protagonist – that role belongs to the town’s sheriff, John T. Chance (John Wayne) — the story of Rio Bravo belongs to Dude, not just because his entering the frame prompts the film, but because he is the character on a quest that is both professional and personal; seeking redemption and a chance to trade his heartbreak and penchant for booze for his old badge and friends. He nonchalantly walks into another saloon and orders a drink. Bild zum Rio Bravo. Tucson Citizen article says "At bottom: Wayne's stand-in rehearses scene as camera is angled to follow action effectively." Move over Howard Hawks... as Angie Dickinson and Dean Martin playfully take over shooting Rio Bravo (1959). The biggest mistakes you never noticed in Rio Bravo (1959). In that sweaty, dirty face, the camera sees a timid man, one who is alone and in need of, on the surface, a drink, but actually, a friend.

Just as he says this, Hawks cuts to two of Joe’s men walking forward, about to take on Chance. He is standing at the bar, with his back to the camera. The music grows harsher and louder.

However, once Chance is safely on the floor, he lunges at Joe, whose men then restrain Dude. At this point in the film, we assume him to be no ally to Chance. The man’s death is delayed, and just before he falls, he looks at Joe in surprise, as if to say, “What the fuck?”. Hawks then cuts to the spittoon for a brief second, allowing the coin to fall inside with a clash and the sound of a trumpet blast. “Now what are you going to do Sheriff,” Burdette asks. This introduces us to an important aspect of Chance’s character, and one that is essential to understanding the film’s story.
John Wayne & Angie Dickinson on the set of Rio Bravo (1959), Angie Dickinson / during production of Howard Hawks's Rio Bravo (1959). June 4, 1958.
Rick Wiley is the photo editor of the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson. In the background, we see Dude walking into the saloon. Furthermore, his implicit loneliness is intensified by his vagrant-like appearance, which is contrasted with the image of the saloon’s patrons, all of whom are sitting or standing with friends. On Dec. 2, Turner Classic Movies will host a free screening of the John Wayne movie “Rio Bravo,” which just happened to have been filmed at Old Tucson 60 years ago. Rio Bravo filming at night on May 24 1958. The comic nature of this murder is significant, and relates directly to the narrative architecture of Rio Bravo.


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