I look forward to working with council and administration, if given the chance. 1341 Montgomery St. S6H 2X7 He dreams of creating a safe community for families to raise their children. Civic and school board elections will be held today. He aims to create economic growth by improving the cities planning and fine tuning the cities budget concerns. I am a Professional Engineering Technologist, Board Member, Community Volunteer and Private Business Owner. 306-630-8035 She was nominated for best music of Aboriginal Canada Recording at the 1994 Juno awards. moose jaw November 3, 2020. COVID - 19 has forced the cancellation of an election night tradition. Question Asked If COVID - 19 Has Been In Moose Jaw? The excitement is audible from both DeLaurier and Murray when speaking over the phone about the potential of their new venture, as they describe how they paid a friend’s cousin $100 to guide DeLaurier through building the website. He hopes to bring new and innovative ideas to the council. We need better rebate programs for solar energy from the Provincial Government. As Moose Jaw Saskatchewan's website for local job listings, free classifieds, garage sales, family events, business directory and weather cancellations, Discover Moose Jaw … She built her career in Moose Jaw, owns her own business and is an independent financial advisor with Desjardins Financial Security Investments | DLSolutions. A second in shattered trust with the community and the Moose Jaw Police Service. Contact Information: 306-313-8495 She would like to see honest and transparent communication between residents and administration. This would be a description of what is contained in this menu. There was debate with the reasons for the continued concerns and opposition within the community about the proposed South Hill location read the story for further details as to why. that’s attempting to fill the void left in Moose Jaw, Sask. Moose Jaw is a great place to live. Our walking paths should be paved and dog park expanded. Together We Are Better. But one councillor reminded Council the complaints were over 15 years and the complainant was frustrated after following the proper procedure to get something done over that time. Another case of COVID - 19 has been detected at a Moose Jaw school and this time it is Westmount School. Screenshot by J-Source. Police: (306) 694-7600 306-684-0286 On November 9th 2020 Vote to Re-Elect Fraser Tolmie for Mayor. Attended Lethbridge Community College graduating from the Business Diploma program. 11/6/2020 10:24:14 PM. Been a member of the PGA of Canada for 26 years. frasertolmieformayor@gmail.com. Contact Information: Moose Jaw Mavericks battle to tie in U13 action, take win over Bruins in U15 opener 0. A new development said to be in a flood hazard zone had Council discussing the issue for over an hour on Monday evening. He believes in working with the people for the people. TORONTO — Bank of Nova Scotia is optimistic its international ventures are headed for success after a recent overhaul saw it slash and simplify its overseas operations. To help voters to get to the polls the City is providing free transit services on Election Day November 9th. The responses are printed verbatim. Making masks mandatory on City buses was once again discussed by Council. The Ministry of Justice has ruled out a public inquiry into the firing of Alan Murdock. Good luck to everyone that has put forward their names for the Boards and City Council! Read More. Earl’s vision is for continued economic growth. Heather and her family are Warrior Season Ticket holders, she is an active member at Ironwood Family Fitness, enjoys lake time in the summer and family time all the time! 306-692-3615 (home) Facebook. Moose Jaw's Independent Alternative. The issues and struggles of today need to be addressed effectively while looking at future needs of the city. … Remembrance Day - What City Services Are Closed Or Open, Second Case Of COVID - 19 Found In A Moose Jaw School, Letter To The Editor - Green Party Leader Asks For Changes In Urban Areas, COVID - 19 Detected In A Second Moose Jaw School, Another Case Of COVID - 19 At Central Collegiate, City Preparing For A Potential Snowmagedon, Public\Candidates Not Allowed To Watch Election Results At City Hall, Province Tightens COVID - 19 Preventive Rules In Wake Of Rising Numbers, Councillor Questions Motives Around Landfill Report Delay. Jody believes transparency is what we are missing. TORONTO — BMO Financial Group beat expectations and reported a first-quarter profit of $1.59 billion as the bank worked to expand its footprint south of the border. The Times Herald had been in operation since 1928. Nick Murray is an Ontario import who makes steel for a living and Garret DeLaurier is a life-long Moose Javian who runs a private care home. City services and information should be easy to navigate for our citizens and communication between departments should be seamless. After spending time in Ukraine and  Russia in mid-2014, Thomas said he feels a duty to do the work he does now. J-Source/ProjetJ is a publication of the Canadian Journalism Project, a venture led by the journalism programs at Ryerson University and Carleton University and supported by the post-secondary journalism programs at member institutions of J-Schools Canada/Écoles-J Canada as well as by a group of donors. There needs to be better communication and planning of projects to allow easier access throughout the city. I have over thirty years experience in the construction industry, specifically concrete. We provide a document in the story which seemingly contradicts what Council had been told in the past. The areas of which I find important are Economic growth, infrastructure, and transparency. From the beginning I took action to get involved in the community. A pair of initiatives by City Hall employees paid off in a big way for the Moose Jaw and District Food Bank. I spent 25 years in Financial Services where I worked as VP of Sales, Head Trader and for 18, as a financial planner building plans for Families, businesses and individuals. Thomas had previously been an unpaid columnist for the Times Herald. Moose Jaw, SK Council has decided to offer ticket purchasers who can not get a refund for tickets they purchased to two concerts and three Warriors’ hockey games through Ticket Rocket equivalent value gift cards. After 18 years, the event has raised over $140,000. Shares opened lower in Europe on Tuesday after a mixed session in Asia, where Tokyo's Nikkei 225 index skidded more than 3% as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe urged fresh efforts to contain the outbreak of a new virus that has spread from China to nearly t. Contact Information: Last elected in the 2018 By-Election, Heather Eby has served a total of 9 years as a Moose Jaw City Councillor. Nick is currently the Manager at Booster Juice. As counselor, I’ll be honest and will listen to your concerns, and will work harder to make a Moose Jaw you can be proud of. DeLaurier and Murray do some writing as well as the editing and upkeep of their Twitter and Facebook. The unconventional website was founded by two friends who have day jobs in very different fields. Styck.nicholas@gmail.com. Proposed Development Said To Be OK In Flood Fringe Area, Scholarship Winners Recognized At Council, Mosaic Place Has New Ticketing Provider After Ticket Rocket Ouster, Infamous House And Complaints Surrounding It Returns To Council, Enquiry Highlights Increasing Hidden Costs To Property Taxpayers, Councillor Calls Potential More Money For 14 Out Of Scope Employees "Gobbledegook", MOU To Be Signed Despite Concerns About Location, City Offers Equivalent Credit But No Cash To Ticket Rocket's Victims. The report on the future of the landfill is something Council has been waiting to receive for close to eight years with one councillor stating he believes it is part of an agenda to move the site into the RM. A resident came to Council and let them have both barrels about what he thought about their recent vote to approve raises and other benefits for the incoming Council. The 50-year-old is married to Cassandra (nee Golding). If you thought you can no longer vote at City Hall here is a way to do so this Friday after the Advance Polls are closed. Contact Information: Councillor Brian Swanson’s final speech to Council was designed to point out what he believed was happening in regards to a proposed development in the Wakamow Valley and went on to encourage opponents to soldier on succcessfully against it. 306.681.8045 Our City is beautiful, but the citizens of Moose Jaw deserve much better.


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