According to echoVME news about 71 per cent of India’s population aged between 18 to 34 years use Facebook alone. towns. Spotlight on Diwali: Environment or Entertainment? India joined the club of top ten social media users in the world. It provides long-distance and open-door admission ease for over 1.25 lakh students. Kerala set to receive central funds for literacy drive after 10 years For the first time in the last 10 years that the southern state was receiving the central fund for literacy initiatives, which is a significant step after achieving 100 per cent literacy. Dr Akhtar Hussain Ansari, IRS (Indian Revenue Service). The Kendriya Vidyalayas and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya have made a significant improvement in the primary level education in the state. Literacy Rate in India - To know development in a society, Literacy is another proper indicator of economic development. This election, Bihar would be wise to demand a focus on effective education policies and projects in the state. While Andhra’s literacy rate is at 66.4%, Telangana’s is 72.8%, which worse than the national average of 77.7% and Karnataka’s is 77.2%. There has been a good improvement in literacy rate of India in last 10 years but there is still a long way to go. USA chose Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as their President and Vice President respectively while the result of the Bihar election is due and announced on 10 October 2020. Bihar recorded the highest percentage (37.8%) of absent teachers during an unannounced check conducted by researchers. According to my projection about India's Literacy, we may overall achieve about 80 percent by 2020. There was an increase of 14.8 percentage points in the literacy rate of Bihar which has improved significantly from 47.0 percent in 2001 to 61.8 percent in 2011. Although, there is no exact figure to access the exact number of private Internet subscribers but in  a tentative estimation that may be ranged in between 70-80 percent of total population who are enjoying Internet facilities or using digital gadgets in mundane ways to being connected throughout the world. in India: Free education programs to poor people living in villages and The project works for increasing accessibility to education especially for the underprivileged sections and the minorities of the state. How Do Medical Students Get More Experience in the US than Cuba? Given that social changes emanate directly from women, the literacy figure among women remains abysmal. Compared with other nations, Republic of India has the largest illiterate population. Digital divides are an issue of concern unlike literacy rate in the past, nowadays every hand has a smartphone. During 2011-2015, Bihar gave the fourth-highest number of officers to Indian Administrative Service with a total of 68. , an NGO stated that the absorption rate of children from Bihar was the highest. Several committees have been formed to ensure proper utilization Though, digital experiment was going since Parliament election 2019 and in fact, moved to a new level after Bihar election 2020 when political parties successfully organized digital rallies to reach voters and used LED screens to hold multiple rallies at the same time in the vicinity from domain rally podium. Bihar registered the highest growth in internet users across both urban and rural areas, registering a growth of 35 percent over last year. The Bihar school examination scandal is popularly known as toppers scam where toppers of the science and arts streams were unable to answer basic questions about the subject on national TV. With education shifting to a completely virtual medium across the country during the pandemic, Bihar loses out with its low rate digital access and digital literacy. With a  literacy rate of 70.9%, Bihar has the third-lowest literacy rate in India which is 6.8% lower than the national average of 77.7%. As Nitish Kumar Gets A Historic 5th Term, This Bihar Election Will Always Be Remembered. Bihar became the first state in terms of population after the USA in the world who are going to choose a new government for them. Nagorno–Karabakh disputes: Is there any peaceful way out? State Governments has been directed to ensure and improve literacy rate in districts and villages where people are very poor.


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