Thermal mass flow meter with digital display to show air instant flow and air total flow. Provides a moving average of the flow rate over a user-specified averaging period. With years of experience in this industry, our company is considered as one of the renowned manufacturers and suppliers of Compressed Air Flow Meter. When ordering, specify "XXX" to match your meter size (either 30C, 30S, 40C, 40S, 50S, or 60S). An average-flow alarm indicates excessive usage. Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. manufactures vane style, vortex shedding, rotameters and laminar flow element flowmeters for use in industry. These guides can be attached to the pipe with a band clamp, a C-clamp, or a chain clamp. In-line type thermal dispersion flow meter 2019/06/14 In-line type thermal mass flow meter provides direct mass or standard volumetric flow measurement for gas or air. SRK-100 series Thermal-dispersion mass-flow is ideal for compressed air flow measurement. Liquid Mass Flow Meters , Air Conditioning Products and much more. Thermal-dispersion mass-flow technology gives the meter sensitivity to low leakage flows, while an innovative mounting design makes it easy to install. It is a closely held company owned and operated by Erik and Lars Rosaen. One male end, one female end (25-PS-EXT), 24 VDC wall plug power supply and extension cord for 5000 Series meters (5200-PS), 24 VDC wall plug power supply, built-in jack, and extension cord for 6000 Series meters (6000-PS-WP), 24 VDC DIN rail mount power supply for 6000 series meters (6000-PS), Learn more about this technology, the manufacturers, the users and the applications here, 1796 East 9 Mile Road, Hazel Park, MI, 48030, US, Mass flow measurement via thermal dispersion, Surge suppression; suitable for distributed DC power, Rate, Minimum, Average, and Total display options, User-adjustable minimum-flow and average-flow alarms. Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. was incorporated in 1963. These alarm functions draw attention to waste without requiring central monitoring. CDI 5400 flowmeters make localized metering of air usage a practical way to manage a compressed-air system. be mass air flow meter, or volumetric air flow meter. Provides a moving average of the flow rate over a user-specified averaging period. This family-owned business started out making variable flow switches for the automotive industry and today services concrete, defense, chemical processing, mining, wastewater, energy, electronics, laboratories, medical, and many other industries. They include a 3/16" drill bit, a 5/16" hex wrench, and a half-ring of the appropriate size to match your meter. A minimum-flow alarm indicates leakage by blinking if flow does not drop below a specified level. Copyright ©SILVER AUTOMATION INSTRUMENTS LTD. All Rights Reserved. Widely used in many applications for measuring the compressed air flow, these meters are loaded with many advanced features that makes the testing more efficient. In stock and ready to ship. Compressed air flow measurement is important in energy saving industry, we need air flow instruments to monito... Metal tube variable area flow meter/Rotameter, SHR-1100 (Simple) Single-Circuit Digital Display Controller, SHR-5620 Digital Display Volumetric Meter, MS Series Touch Screen Programmable Automation Controller, SH 308 Series Diffusive Silicon Pressure Transmitter, Digital gas flow meter with 4-20mA output, Chemical dosing flow meter-magnetic meter, 4”in-line thermal mass flow meter for air, Wastewater flow measurement-Magnetic Flow water, High precision liquid flow meter-Coriolis flow meter, Extended diaphragm seal pressure transmitter, Pressure transmitter diaphragm seal capillary, Flush diaphragm seal pressure transmitter, Low Pressure Diaphragm Seal Pressure Gauge (-500~2500 mmWC), Oil Filled Diaphragm Seal Pressure Gauge with Capillary, Solid Level Sensor/Powder level transmitter, Rod type Radar Level Transmitter for lube oil, Radar level transmitter for silo corn grains, In-line type thermal dispersion flow meter, ADDRESS:No.286 Tongtai Road, Jinhu, Huai'an, Jiangsu Province, China.


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