Wait times are increasing due to the volume of callers and types of questions asked. Government agencies and advocates can use this paper to learn about implementing client-facing technology to improve the application, renewal, and case management processes for Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, and other human service programs. Our department is one of eight super-clusters. Department of Human Services. For example, allow clients to change communication preferences via their online account. Investing in services and initiatives to support Victorians with a mental illness to live a fulfilling life. Mathematica: Quick Steps to Improve Programs Using Behavioral Insights - https://www.mathematica-mpr.com/our-publications-and-findings/publications/quick-steps-to-improve-programs-using-behavioral-insights. Allow them to view the image and re-take the picture if needed prior to upload. How will the solution work with other systems inside and outside the agency? Can autodial clients with individualized reminders based on the client’s case, or call clients due for an interview and transfer them to workers if they are able to complete their interview. They must reapply to reinstate their benefits. Information related to the payment services including the operation and payment of specific fees. 2020 Excellence in Volunteer Management Award& https://t.co/xocsapQtnZ, State Government of South Australia © Copyright DHS . Mobile version may still not be as user-friendly to clients as needed. For example, government agencies must ensure their website designs and features are ADA-compliant, such as compatibility with a screen reader for clients who are visually impaired. Asking clients directly for feedback rather than relying exclusively on proxies, such as staff at community-based organizations who do application assistance. It is important to have an internal process to continually add answers to the chatbot’s database. Chatbots — a new form of automated instant messaging technology — can help agencies offer more client-friendly services without additional staffing. Being known as a trustworthy Human Resources professional gives us credibility.First and foremost, our goal here in HR is to solidify or regain the trust of the SCU employees who we serve. Client can click on the number (or phone icon) to automatically dial. How will the vendor provide continuous improvement to the solution once implemented? Use simple graphics or icons with only a few different colors. Create a plan for what data will be collected, at what intervals, and who will be responsible for analyzing the results. Staff must also know how the solution fits into the agency’s overall operations. Initial programming of chatbots may take staff time but can help reduce the number of repetitive questions or tasks that staff must handle on an ongoing basis. In addition, clients who receive timely information are less likely to call to inquire about case status. Text messaging has become the preferred way to communicate – especially for younger adults. For example, measure client satisfaction with the solution by providing a link to a short survey after an individual submits an application. Request for Tender to provide services under new program open until 11 January 2021. Limited triage of incoming calls that are routed to customer service staff, who may not have access to the client’s case information. Biometrics provides additional ways to use your identity to protect the security of your data through fingerprint imaging, facial recognition, and voice recognition. Able to provide individualized information based on the caller’s response or prior interactions with the IVR system. Clients are unaware their renewal form is due. Human Services Department | Veterans Services | Foster Care, County of Santa Cruz Human Services Department, In-Home Supportive Services-County of Santa Cruz. Have a standard response for customer service complaints (unrelated to the mobile app) and provide a number for clients to call to address questions on their case. ©2015 Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Requirements: E-notices must be uploaded to clients’ online account on the agency’s web portal to ensure security and protect privacy. The Human Services Department (HSD) announces the launch of a new and innovative Consolidated Customer Service Center (CCSC), the first of many technology and process improvements planned as part of New Mexico’s Health and Human Services 2020 (HHS 2020) initiative. Staff, faculty, students, new hires and supervisors will open up to HR colleagues that they trust. Allow clients to complete their renewal and submit it electronically through the. Before implementing any new technology, clearly identify what specific part of the process you are trying to fix and analyze the likely reasons clients or staff face challenges. Develop an app re-engagement strategy, including notifications when new features and new program information become available. This will ensure that clients can view the e-notices. One key advantage of chatbots is that the technology is available 24/7, making it convenient for clients. By making the existing web portal mobile friendly, an agency can lay the groundwork for developing a mobile app in the future. Consider how you use technology to shop, send e-emails, text, use social media, or check your bank account balance. While sending both the paper notice and e-notices increases the likelihood of the information reaching clients, agencies may offer individuals the opportunity to “Go green” and receive only e-notices, reducing postage costs. Below is a summary of the functions, features, and technical capabilities of the next generation of online portals as compared to the first generation. If you suspect you may have the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) call the dedicated coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398. Vendors may use terms such as interfaces, modularity, or configurability to describe this important feature. These need to be built into the system and continually expanded through implementation. As technology plays an increasingly important role in public benefit administration, it’s essential that advocates get involved, early and often. Most state procurement processes and vendor management strategies for creating and implementing technology products could be greatly improved to facilitate flexibility, nimbleness, and innovation. Collect email addresses and mobile phone numbers for texting as part of the normal demographic and contact information process rather than asking for that information separately. Plan for how to handle questions that need a human response. They can include the same features as the online portal, such as reporting changes, renewing benefits, checking case status or benefit amount, or scheduling appointments. NAIDOC Week 2020. Clients may be willing to wait a little longer if it means that their needs will be addressed. Two separate designs created — one for desktop and one for mobile devices (e.g.. How it works: Agencies may use a contracted service or capabilities within their own systems to send clients text messages at key points during their application or renewal process. As the use of mobile devices has proliferated, website developers have adopted multiple design approaches to adapting content and design to smaller screens. Implementing these solutions is generally a smaller project than a large eligibility system overhaul, allowing for greater flexibility and freedom to try different approaches. Agencies can further improve mobile apps and online portals by directly providing clients information or services maintained by a different entity. Contact your county or regional human services, social services or family services office if you have questions or concerns about an existing human service case. Contact the New Mexico Human Services Department. SNAP Telephonic Signature Guidance (May 12, 2014) - https://fns-prod.azureedge.net/sites/default/files/SNAP%20Telephonic%20Signatures%20Policy%20Memo.pdf. Advocate for the creation of a dedicated position in the agency that’s responsible for ensuring technology projects prioritize the client and user experience.


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