With people at the heart of the crisis read our guide for employers on the key issues here. In contrast to a recent case relating to vegetarianism, an employment tribunal has held at a preliminary hearing that ethical veganism can amount to a philosophical belief that is capable of protection under the Equality Act 2010. The labor department reminded private sector employers to properly pay their workers who will report for work during the December holidays. (VM Morrison Supermarkets plc v Various Claimants). This was accompanied by a Policy Paper setting out further details on the extension. The regulations also provide for SSP to be payable to an individual who self isolates because they are in a linked household (or extended household) (i.e. Morrisons have been granted permission to appeal to the Supreme Court. The cap is likely to have significant implications and those that may be affected will need to consider putting plans into place now for implementation. The only exception to this is that employees returning from family leave, for example maternity leave or shared parental leave, may be furloughed on their return. Employment law is constantly on the move. Jonathan Brogden, John Dunlop, Louise Bloomfield, By It has also been announced that the period of time for which an employee, who has symptoms and/or has tested positive for COVID-19, will now have to self-isolate is increased to 10 days (previously it was 7 days). It cannot be used to pay for benefits or a salary sacrifice scheme. On 9 April and again on 15 April, HMRC further updated itsĀ guidanceĀ on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Where the restructure impacts on more than one jurisdiction the complexities around managing the project increase. Employees must work at least 20 per cent of their usual hours and they can undertake training in their working hours whilst being claimed for. The guides cover a range of different types of workplace and businesses that operate more than one type of workplace will need to familiarise themselves with more than one of the guides. If the email is sent in order to circulate a draft and collect information, to obtain comments before instructing a lawyer or to get a commercial view, it will not be privileged, even if an in-house lawyer is copied in to the email. The total of the exit payments must not exceed the cap, including any: There are exceptions, including payments in respect of death in service; incapacity as a result of accident, injury or illness; pay in lieu of untaken annual leave and payments made in compliance with an order of a court or tribunal. The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has published its long-awaited report in which it makes various recommendations on the future of the UK immigration system after Brexit. The High Court held that aims of the CJRS (which include supporting employers, reducing fraud, simplicity, flexibility and speed of assistance) and the aim of providing extra assistance within the SSP scheme for those who are covered by the SSP scheme and who are unable to work because they had coronavirus or were self-isolating or shielding, were rational and justified as a proportionate means of achieving a legitimate aim. Understandably, employers are likely to encounter employees who are anxious or reluctant to return to work.


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