heyday of the port, Croatia's third largest city. How to use heyday in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word heyday? The heyday of the Hollywood studios in the 1940s, 1950s and early 1960s highlights a time period that many look to for some of the greatest movies of all times. The face on important occasions is usually much painted, save by young ladies in the heyday of beauty. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Even prior to its Victorian heyday, Dundee was a town of considerable importance. Seeing a heyday in the 1930's and beyond, western movies generally all fit the same formula. | A lively greeting. What was this horrible nightmare that had come over him in the, Dr Schweinfurth has given a vivid picture of this man in the, All was lightness, gayety, and warmth; the sap was running, the, At the third decade life soars grand and high; But with the fourth its, I consider him the greatest master of the mysteries of counterpoint since the, Yet goodness knows we seemed during even my, They mostly represented country scenes, but there were a few admirable portraits of charming girls just in the, He was indissolubly associated with that short, A young man who lives here and who is just in the, The chronicles of the time tell of the remarkable beauty of Maria and of the, Judge Whaley thought nothing ill of this; he was in the, It seems probable, indeed, that the itinerant evangelists who had lately become the fashion among us, have passed the, You wake in the morning, and for a second of time you are in the, He remembered with a certain admiration that during the, The strategic importance of Antibes during the, He was then the gayest of the gay and in the, Crickets in a sentence | Short example sentence for crickets, Lapped in a sentence | Short example sentence for lapped, Predestination in a sentence | Short example sentence for predestination, National Committee in a sentence | Short example sentence for national committee, Overcome The in a sentence | Short example sentence for overcome the, Wheelbarrow in a sentence | Short example sentence for wheelbarrow, Interrelated in a sentence | Short example sentence for interrelated, Hailed in a sentence | Short example sentence for hailed, Bazaar in a sentence | Short example sentence for bazaar. The Fijian scene enjoyed a short heyday of renegade parties in the early part of the millennium, but that was kiboshed after a bloodless coup (there have been four in recent memory) ushered in a more conservative government. © 2020 UseEnglishWords.com. How To Use Heyday In A Sentence? 58. similar. art nouveau architecture which betrays the Austro-Hungarian heyday of the port, Croatia's third largest city. 1. Douglas, then still in the heyday of his popularity. 's heyday, he became friends with West Coast rapper Tupac Shakur of Death Row Records. 31 It acquired and developed the original photocopier technology and in its, 32 Many workers, who had earned the princely wage of £3-£4 in jet's, 35 The developers hope the scheme will return Cowley to the kind of economic success it saw during its motoring, 40 But Oxford's Martin Brasier and Laura Cotton have now pushed back the "amber window" to 140 million years ago,[sentencedict.com/, 41 The most popular vaudeville (variety stage) artists of the day, including Harry Houdini, performed at the Hippodrome during its, 42 A battalion of brick buildings along the riverfront in Apalachicola reverses time some 170 years, back to the town's, 43 The cover features a photo of the artists in their, 45 Yet friends say they will most remember the spitfire Margaret of her '60 s and '70 s, 46 One Thousand and One Nights, a literary classic in the Arab, 47 The rooms are furnished and recreate the atmosphere of the castle's medieval, 50 That's far more time than the average time logged by the surgeons in their game - playing, 52 President Barack Obama and other officials want to cap compensation at government-backed banks at $500,000 a year -- a fortune to most Americans but chump change in Wall Street's, 54 Cattle towns such as Abilene, Wichita, Ellsworth, Caldwell, and Dodge City enjoyed a brief, 58 Monetary aggregates are an important target for the People's Bank of China (PBOC), the country's central bank, much as they were for Western central banks in the, 59 The protest started in front of the city government in the main People's Square, home to a horse racing track during Shanghai's colonial, 60 As a nationalist movement, pan-Turkism's rise and.


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