That morning one of her teachers had said crossly, “Really, Meg, I don’t understand how a child with parents as brilliant as yours are supposed to be can be such a poor student. “Let us do the fighting when it’s necessary,” they told her. If you don’t manage to do a little better you’ll have to stay back next year.”, During lunch she’d roughhoused a little to try to make herself feel better, and one of the girls said scornfully, “After all, Meg, we aren’t grade-school kids anymore. “By the smell.” Mrs Whatsit untied a blue-and-green paisley scarf, a red-and-yellow f lowered print, a gold Liberty print, a redand-black bandanna. Mrs. Murry tells Meg, "You're much too straightforward to be able to pretend to be what you aren't." Comments must first be approved and published by the moderators before they appear on the site. (2018, January 8). "A Wrinkle in Time Study Guide." Everybody was asleep. They may assume different physical forms like Mrs Whatsit does. “The two boys seem to be nice, regular children, but that unattractive girl and the baby boy certainly aren’t all there.”. She begins the book as someone who feels she is "doing everything wrong." It was his mother’s mind, and Meg’s, that he probed with frightening accuracy. I just didn’t like the water squishing around in my boots. Suppose he has a knife? And she’s certainly no one Charles Wallace ought to be friends with, especially when he won’t even talk to ordinary people. Sandy and Dennys, her ten-year-old twin brothers, who got home from school an hour earlier than she did, were disgusted. He gave a long, low growl, and they could see the dark fur slowly rising on his back. How could he always tell? Fortinbras, the family dog, is named after a character from 16th-century English playwright William Shakespeare's play, Hamlet, highlighting the family's love of intellectual pursuits. “Lettuce on your sandwich, Mother?” Charles Wallace asked. “I’ve heard that clever people often have subnormal children,” Meg had once overheard. She envies how easily her brothers Sandy and Dennys fit in. Speaking of ways, pet, by the way, there is such a thing as a tesseract.”, Mrs. Murry went very white and with one hand reached backward and clutched at a chair for support. She lives in a world where conformity and obedience equal success. He just does things in his own way and in his own time.”. Or they may alter their actions and personality like Calvin O'Keefe and Charles Wallace do. Readers also sense Mrs Whatsit already knows a lot more about the Murrys than they have told her. Several scarves of assorted colors were tied about the head, and a man’s felt hat perched atop. “Oh, thank you, dearie, but there’s so much to do I just can’t waste time sitting around frivoling.”, “It’s much too wild a night to travel in.”, “Wild nights are my glory,” Mrs Whatsit said. The cocoa steamed fragrantly in the saucepan; geraniums bloomed on the windowsills and there was a bouquet of tiny yellow chrysanthemums in the center of the table. A little oil of cloves mixed well with garlic is rather good.” And she took a large bite of sandwich. This genuineness will later prove to be one of her strengths. I spent time this past summer at Oxford and Cambridge for a C. S. Lewis conference. “I don’t think even a tramp would be out on a night like this, Meg.”, “But that’s probably why he is out,” Meg wailed, “trying to find a place not to be out.”. What was he barking at? Every few moments the moon ripped through them, creating wraithlike shadows that raced along the ground. It wasn’t the tramp this time, then. The warmth and light of the kitchen had relaxed her so that her attic fears were gone. Course Hero, "A Wrinkle in Time Study Guide," January 8, 2018, accessed November 11, 2020, “What tramp?” Charles Wallace asked. Meg wishes she weren't such an "oddball." They Can Team Up, In Fact! They hadn’t caught him, and maybe he was heading for the Murrys’ house right now, isolated on a back road as it was; and this time maybe he’d be after more than sheets. Meg’s hair had been passable as long as she wore it tidily in braids. When you’re done with the excerpt check out the Madeleine L’Engle Reread on, covering a number of L’Engle novels and reflecting on a number of themes, particularly physics and Christian theology, that fascinated L’Engle for her entire life. “None of us is quite up to Charles.”, “But at least you aren’t trying to squash him down.” Mrs Whatsit nodded her head vigorously. A Wrinkle in Time Study Guide. It's one example of the wordplay or puns she uses throughout the novel. Her unusual outfit and enjoyment of "wild nights" already suggest she is different from other people. The special 50th anniversary edition of A Wrinkle in Time, out now from Square Fish, has been redesigned and includes an introduction by Katherine Paterson, an afterword by Madeleine L’Engle’s granddaughter Charlotte Jones Voiklis that includes photographs and memorabilia, the author’s Newbery Medal acceptance speech, and other bonus materials. —That’ll cheer me up, and if the roof blows off, at least I won’t go off with it. “You’d better check the milk,” Charles Wallace said to Meg now, his diction clearer and cleaner than that of most five-yearolds. 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