I do not understand why Im being charged a surrender fee by Edward Jones? Well he decided that he wants to take the rest of his money out but she refused... JEREMY C. YODER is one of many Class A advisors at this firm. Review #737550 is a subjective opinion of poster. Then, when you find out he used to sell shoes for a living, you'll think twice about giving him your $400,000 401k rollover. I was and still am a Vanguard client. Quote from EJ District Lead – “only 2 out 10 EJ reps make it for a few years”. I HAD CONTACTED EDWARD JONES CONCERNING THE FACT I WAS TRUE DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY OF JOHN B DAVIS I HAD... Edward Jones hires advisors to manage accounts right out of training for just a few months. Get out if you are investing with them now and you will instantly begin to save money and earn more. corporate just went on lock down to protect the guy. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "when you transfer money between accounts expect to wait a … I will be reporting this to my bank in the (am) to get... Badoo - Unauthorized use of personal information and pictures to create fake account, Phoenix Life Science (P) Ltd. - Rohtak cheated me, misrepresntation, fraud, seedy stock brokers, 16 years' experience in successful complaint resolution, Each complaint is handled individually by highly qualified experts, Last but not least, all our services are absolutely free. It's the equivalent of a coach at one team taking a coaching job somewhere else. I had a problem with an advisor that went bad and they took care of the problem. AND there is no way for them to hide what has happened as every eye in the company can look at all your transactions. You have... Lost money with advisor and she just wanted me to put more money in to make up losses. Edward Jones Reviews and Complaints . hmmm Your money is not safe with this company, this happened to my father who had spent decades ensuring that his trusts were in order. What is your customer experience with Edward Jones? I wrote a check to my advisor for 50k. You get returns from working together, period. EJ offers fee-only and many advisors are CFPs. 1) If your advisor made a mistake (didn't do as you asked), it can be recharacterized into a Roth IRA by them and back dated. Never can get a hold of her. Review #779268 is a subjective opinion of poster. Review #531076 is a subjective opinion of poster. Please! When I closed my remaining accounts they charged me $95 per account as the termination fee. We are processing your message. No oversight at Edward Jones Trust Company, Do your Homework BEFORE Investing with Edward Jones, Being charge for items after walk thru by mrg cleared apt, Shakedown from Edward Jones - A true story of crooks and jet setters, Edward Jones has used car saleman working for them, Edward Jones - Employee Review from Albany, Georgia. Des Peres, MO 63131 USA Corporate Phone Number: 1-314-515-2000 Fax Number: 1-314-515-3269 Customer Service Number: 1-314-515-2000. The only loss I have experienced from this incompetence, uncaring and unprofessional conduct demonstrated by John Vondra has been not being able to have the annuity paying out the monthly payments to me for this long period of time because of Edward Jones still be... people need to realize that once you have your assets with edward jones it is almost a total losing battle even to get it out of there, the only way to protect yourself from edward jones is not to get involved with them or let anyone you know get involved with them. How many of these type of brokers are with Edward Jones probably a lot because they turn a blind eye so this type of personality will be drawn to a situation where they know they won't be watched, Waxahachie Texas Garland Texas and probably a thousand other cities in the United States. This happened in Waxahachee Texas. He also ha... More Edward Jones Complaints & Reviews The simple fact your grammar is at a 3rd grade level not only makes this difficult to understand, but destroys any potential credibility you may have had. If a situation like this occurs and you are unable to reach your local branch team, use the following resources for assistance. My Account is a well balanced Flex Fund. Review #753596 is a subjective opinion of poster. NOT! John and Natalie are extremely helpful and conscientious. The money comes only from you, the investor. Taking little steps by doing Our OWN investing is SO MUCH better... Or maybe don't invest at ALL for it may ruin your day and life!!! ", "Do not invest any of your hard earned money with Edward Jones. .He wa... 9/4/2018 There is a lot of money missing and money that has been added to accounts where it does not belong. It was blatant mismanagement and then arrogance to refuse to fix it. What can we help you with? The overall rating of the company is 1.4 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. The algorithm is subject to change in future. After spending 2 months going through the hiring process with Edward Jones they sent me an email letting me know that I didn't receive the job. This company attracts unethical employees. I had lost thousands by NOT using wisdom... Am I mad today??!! I hope you have sent in this complaint to the SEC and FINRA also don't forget about your own states commission. Not bad, but could've been way better. Talking about personnal account with public, Crooks preying on old people & charging outrageous fees, Your money is not safe ... with edward jones. ", "Beware. I took their " risk assessment" questionaire and the advisor only suggested certain incestments based on those answers. Weeks later... Edward Jones is a scam. I had to pull the plug myself. I had a bad experience with Edward Jones, when my fund under performed while the market steadily gained, I closed my account, it took them two weeks to close it and when I received my funds they were less than what was in my account when I closed it. Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact PissedConsumer.com. The IRS then taxed our family instead of the trust. Told him I wanted to invest it as diversified as possible. First off I would like to make a report... My advisor of many years, Raymond Waters, has decided to spend much personal time with my wife. Review #493560 is a subjective opinion of poster. Isn't it interesting that people will tell you "their" truth many ways before they'll lie to you. So put two and two together and the Edward Jones rep wanted me to invest in 25 different stocks. It comes from top, At some point there is going to be a class action suit against them that is going to shut their doors. Review #561701 is a subjective opinion of poster. Then to have them send an email was just ridiculous. Their so called sales reps pray on the weak and uninformed. • 201 Progress Parkway, Maryland Heights, MO 63043, • 130 Edward Jones Blvd, Maryland Heights, MO 63043, • 170 Edward Jones Blvd, Maryland Heights, MO 63043, 90 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Sussex Centre, Suite 902, Mississauga, ON L5B 3C3. Because i was no longer employed by the same company AND the kind of retirement plan... During a recent financial downturn, i wanted to cash out of all my stocks and funds. Edward Jones Management When I called him on it he said they were financially sound companies and they paid good dividends. (CFAs are back office analysts) Fee-only has some advantages but is not as cost effective as A share over the long run. For a company who prides themselves on "face-to-face" business, an email was a pretty poor way to let someone know they didn't receive a job after committing 2 months to their ridiculous hiring process. Charge excessive fees and DO NOT tell you of these fees !!! Before I knew it, he took it upon himself to spend 40k on oil stocks I had never heard of. Not even close. She said that was normal and it would go back up. Within a few months I lost 14k. Edward Jones - Money Loss Review from Bellevue, Washington, Ridiculous Request and Ignorant Staff for Hiring Process. Good luck. Thank You for Your Reply! Edward Jones ranks 351 of 1839 in Financial Services category. What is your customer experience with Edward Jones? Edward Jones it is the stockbroker alone and corporate. Working TOGETHER, Jeremy has kept us way above the average. If you have a problem with Edward Jones in any state, please get a hold of the SEC and FINRA also your state commissions. Overpriced service to work with advisors that have limited financial experience.". Life is too short!! The fact that you were "offered" an office with any assets is amazing. Edward Jones Overview. how many elderly people have lost millions because of these investors. Some advertisers may pay us for this ad to appear on our website or provide us with a referral fee. Review #587167 is a subjective opinion of poster. In 2009 the company i work for was sold and we had the option of cashing out our current 401k, rolling in into the new 403b, OR opening our own retirement account (IRA/ROTH IRA). Overpriced service to work with advisors that have limited financial experience.". The reasons could be endless: money, family, locations, etc...I would remind you that regardless of the firm you choose to work with, all firms work for YOU.


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