15. Below is something I sent myself. Unlike the BDSM relationship, the Daddy punishes not to grant pleasure via pain. May only be on the computer or phone for 30mins after bedtime (reading is okay). Only adults have the vital tools necessary for even understanding this dynamic fully (and hell, I still dont at 26yo with 6yrs of hardcore research and moving to another country to be with my Daddy). When that relationship ends, the little is out in the cold. I have been telling people about the collective consciousness for years. But seriously I am glad this post is getting positive feedbadk. Ask her if any dreams or nightmares she had ? Thank you for saying a lot of things that this girl thinks on a regular basis (but not always as politely as you, lol). There are also many websites and blogs, such as Submissive Guide, that can give you an insight into what it's like to actually live in a D/s dynamic. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Well, there seems to be a common misconception with a lot of littles (especially younger ones, who may be trepiditious), and its that a little doesn't really have any responsibilities anymore. I wonder how many other people, new to DDLG, read those posts and assume that that's what DDLG is. Learn who you are as a little, understand what you need and want from your Daddy, the dynamic and the relationship. Always let Daddy pay and ask permission first before you buy something. Just because we are little, that doesn't mean we aren't first and foremost an adult. My bbg has medicines that she is prescribed (by a doctor, not me) in the morning and evening. Very good bunny I’m proud of you. A lot of people look at this dynamic as a real one-way street: "I get to be in littlespace all the timeeeee!" “Daddy” isn’t just a name, it’s not just a title. Don’t directly jump into advance play methods. 4. He does it to take her on the right path. So she has a rule that I approve her outfits before going out. Some other names for the dynamic include CG/l (Caregiver/little) and Big/little. Not everyone uses the term ‘daddy dom space’ to explain their daddy dom side. Also, it is his responsibility to make the Little understand that the issue is over. Then you use a daily rotuine to perform those responsibilities as far as you can. This forum and Fetlife are good places for that, obviously. Very. I completely agree with you. However,we also have to make do,people have a right to try and get help about what bothers them. Change ). This lifestyle has NOTHING to do with girls having daddy issues or pedophilia. Not unless the little sits down and discusses with him what is wrong. The key to being a little is balance; we must balance our day-to-day life, balance our relationship, balance our dynamic, balance our little (as to not feel neglectful to ourselves) and so much more. It’s also not gender specific. It’s basically a more gentle version of the Dom Sub relationship. Caregivers should educate themselves, too. As you can probably tell, I have a caffeine problem. Do we snap out of our mindset and let our Big side take over? Pay bills, go to work, cook, clean, work on the relationship, etc. Do not touch anything dangerous: Knifes, lighters, scissors. Daddy must always be there for Princess and give her lots of love. Daddy needs to check if Princess eats healthy enough. And not using the exuse of "I'm too little, it is scary." You develop awareness and intuition when it comes to your responsibilities. Daddy Dom can also simply create a one rule that Little Girl must obey for the day, like, This is not recommended for shared computers, cuppycakes, CheshireNitemare and BammbiiBB like this. Common TrendSo why am I writing this, what point am I trying to make? It's ridiculous. I am talking about littles who are with Daddies that want to be with a little as an equal and a partner. Note- this is just part of a big and misunderstood lifestyle. I love this. The Trickle Down AffectBecause this dynamic does coddle the spoiled and enabled lifestyle of the little (hey, I like it to! Thanks for taking the time and the effort to write this up. 10. Daddy must clean whatever he has used (put it in the dishwasher, trow it in the garbage can). I use the term, ‘soul’ to describe the essence of the individual; essence means all of those parts of you that makes you into the unique individual that you are, that means : your identity, sexuality, needs, desires, passions, purposes and those various other parts of you that makes you the submissive/dominant, daddy dom/little and all the other roles and identities. 10. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Daily Chores must be completed before going out. Change ). It was kind of frightening, to be honest. Even if you have understood your responsibilities completely, the body and mind depends on habit a lot. Tell Daddy if he hurted your feelings. 5. Play techniques have not been discussed in this book because every Daddy Dom and his little has different play techniques. Otherwise, things will never change. Handling responsibilities become second nature. I'd also suggest making friends with littles and Daddies that are much more experienced and can help you with any questions or problems that come up during your journey.


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