Business Owners, American highest on record. This page shows the Balance, Exports and Imports for the current year Number of Partners: 5. Then $67.00 per month.New customers onlyCancel anytime during your trial, Try full digital access and see why over 1 million readers subscribe to the FT, FT print edition delivered Monday - Saturday along with ePaper access, Premium access for multiple users, with integrations & admin tools, Purchase a Trial subscription for $1.00 for 4 weeks, You will be billed $67.00 per month after the trial ends, Purchase a Digital subscription for $7.10 per week, You will be billed $39.50 per month after the trial ends, Purchase a Print subscription for per week, You will be billed per month after the trial ends, Purchase a Team or Enterprise subscription for per week, Rishi Sunak to announce UK’s first green gilts, Donald Trump sacks defence secretary Mark Esper, US attorney-general authorises probes into possible election fraud, BioNTech and Pfizer raise hopes with breakthrough Covid-19 vaccine, Covid vaccine PR executive linked to Dominic Cummings’ father-in-law, Covid vaccine breakthrough fuels broad global equity rally, US banks in line for windfall after Covid-19 vaccine progress, Ackman places new bet against corporate credit, World’s largest coal producer warns of bankruptcy risk, Pfizer and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine found to be 90% effective, Rio Tinto executive coach reported ethical concerns to regulators, Vaccine-led rise in bond yields ripples through markets, Vaccine success has given investors their bull case, Joe Biden will not be able to unify the US, Swire’s dilemma over Cathay as China tightens grip on Hong Kong. 2018 imports of goods ($2.6 trillion) were the highest on record. Publication date: 2020-02-10. While U. N. Comtrade and Chinese government sources do not report the exact same trade figures, the two sources are very close. U.N. Comtrade’s trade data are based on reports made by individual countries or downloaded by Comtrade from official sources. parts, and engines ($372.3 billion); consumer goods ($647.9 billion); and other goods ($106.2 billion) were the highest on record. The 2018 services surplus ($270.2 billion) was the highest on record. Merchandise trade statistics China (CHN) exports and imports, with partner countries including number of products, Partner share, Share in total products, MFN and Effectively Applied Tariffs, duty free imports, dutiable imports, and free lines and number of trade agreements for year 2018 For consistency, we provided all Comtrade data for users to download. Finally, the China Customs’ data only goes back 2 years. 2018 imports of services ($557.9 billion) were the


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