The resulting number is the cubic volume that fits in your shipment. As a result not to compress the package in a space quite smaller than its entire volume. Load factors will vary based on carton size and how they are stowed inside the containers. To calculate the total CBM of batch 1, only the CBM of one cylindrical package is to be measured and calculated. The longest distance, 7 feet x 0.3048 = 2.13m, Next the widest distance, 4 feet x 0.3048 = 1.22m, Finally the highest distance, 51/2 feet x 0.3048 = 1.68m. To calculate the CBM of a shipment that has more than one batch of packages. The third batch contains 12 cuboidal packages, 7 cylindrical packages, and 2 irregularly shaped packages. CBM CALCULATOR. 20’ft container 26-28 CBM; 40’ft container 56-58 CBM; 40’ft HQ container 60-68 CBM; 45’ft HQ container about 78 CBM; CFT Calculator: To calculate Cubic Feet , please enter your values in the highlighted box given below. The factor to be used would depend on the initial units of measurement. The height and radius/diameter of the unit is first measured using a measuring stick and then recorded for further calculations. UP, India, Cookies help us deliver our services. Luckily, there’s a free tool that you can use to calculate the volume. Weight in kilograms. H - 2.59M. e.g. Many transportation companies use CBM calculator. The first batch contains 5 cuboidal packages, 3 cylindrical packages, and 4 irregularly shaped packages, The second batch contains 7 cuboidal packages, 10 cylindrical packages, and 6 irregularly shaped packages, and. The conversion factors depend on the initial unit of measurement. CBM Calculation Formula : Length (centimeter) x Width (centimeter) x Height (centimeter) / 1,000,000 = Length meter x Width meter x Height meter = Cubic meter (m3) . This is a free utility to calculate the cuboid volume, support metric and imperial units (inches, feet, yards, mm, cm or meter), simple CBM calculator with calculation formula and dynamic visual cube help us understand the answer more easily. This type of shipment is calculate where ltl carrier that needs to fill an entire shipments. CBM Calculator - calculate consignment's weight and volume. Once the measured distances are inserted, the shape of the package is also selected on the calculator. Therefore it needs to be treated the way a rectangular or cylindrical package (depending on the regular shape it resembles) would be handled for its cubic meter to be calculated. 1 millimeter = 0.1 centimeters = 0.001 meter (convert mm to cm) Cubic meter formula for different units. Want to get a quick and easy calculation of how many of your Since an irregularly shaped package has no consistent length nor width nor height, the longest of these three distances must be measured with a measuring stick or tape preferably. Feet: Length. Consequently, if the distances measured for each side of the cuboid are: 10cm, 8cm and 5cm for length, width and height respectively. For instance, find each of the three distances and record them clearly and distinctively. CBM Calculator. Since an irregular shape has no particular formula for calculating its volume, a rather estimated volume would be calculated. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, - Weight & Volume calculation up to 3 decimal places, By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments, An efficient way to manage your shipments on move, Mobile app for EMR vendors to capture the EIRs while inspecting containers. First for the height, 70 inches x 0.0254 = 1.78m, Then for the radius, 35 inches x 0.0254 = 0.89m. Hence, the formula for the derivation of the volume of a cylinder would be employed here. 40ft HQ container approximately 60-68 CBM. However, since this package has an irregular shape, a tolerance of. However, since this package has an irregular shape, a tolerance of 0.1 CBM should be given to the shipping space. CBM calculators are available for a variety of devices and operating systems to make shipment computations less cumbersome for logistics companies. Fill the numbers into blanks of lenght, width and height The value obtained in step 3 above should be recorded. In practice, actual loading will depend on accurate calculations based on how the items are loaded in the container and whether the dimensions of the cartons leave unusable space. While CBM is usually calculated in meters, any unit of measurement such and feet, centimeters and inches can be inserted in the calculator. corporate gifts and marketing business accessories to worldwide customers. e.g. The length, width, and height of the unit (now in meter) would be multiplied together to get the CBM of the cuboid. divided 1728 = Cubic feet (CFT), KT Formula : Pounds divided by 2204.62 = Kiloton (Kt). The longest, widest and highest distances measured on the bale were 7 feet, 4 feet, and 5, For our example, the bale of cloth will occupy an approximate volume of 4.37 CBM shipping. W - 2.33M. Then is added to the CBM of other packages in the same batch where applicable. Depending on the initial units of measurements, some factors can be used to convert distances to meter. To calculate your shipment’s CBM measurement, you need to multiply three things: width, height, and length. any results at your own risk. 35 cm x 35 cm x 45 cm = 0.055 cbm Cubic Meter or CBM is a volumetric measurement obtained by the product of the various dimensions of the package to be shipped. per shipping container .


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