There are over 127,743 people in Scotland currently receiving between £59.70 or £89.15 a week from Attendance Allowance I quote the words used in the medical officer's report: For 90,000 to be receiving help does not take us very far. (ii) continual supervision throughout the day in order to avoid substantial danger to himself or others". Friends and for many right hon. My right hon. We use cookies to collect information about how you use Friend referred to the entitlement by right of the disabled to some benefit. The record of sympathetic judgments on the part of all those concerned cannot be bad when we reflect that the Government originally estimated that the higher rate allowance would go to 50,000 people. This would be on the primitive basis that any parliamentary device which makes it potentially easier for the Secretary of State in charge of a spending department to commit the expenditure of more public money in perpetuity should be resisted in principle. I Gentleman but he is going a little wide of the amendment. Having said all that, I am in some sympathy with what the Secretary of State said. There is no desperate urgency about the position because we have one more uprating Bill under the present proceedings. 536 Friend the Member lot Fast-leigh is a forceful advocate and very well informed. My hon. An attendance allowance shall be payable and receivable at such times, in such manner, and subject to such conditions as may be prescribed. 534 Remember that the person making the decision on your claim probably won’t know what it’s like to be deaf or have hearing loss, so you’ll need to describe how it affects your daily life. We could find ourselves having to consider different methods of provision according to age. Without disagreeing with the motive behind the speech of the hon. If there is direct access on to a public pavement there is nothing that can be done by way of ramping and, therefore, the step is a complete obstacle, an impasse, for fulfilling the bodily function of getting into and out of the home. as the extended allowance is so new, we should not have enough experience to come back with new suggestions on Report, but perhaps later, when we have had more experience, if amendments appear to be appropriate we shall not hesitate to come forward with them. I take the opportunity to congratulate the unit at Blackpool on the way in which it has operated. the introduction of a disablement income to compensate for loss of earnings and extra living expenses is only a matter of time. Attendance Allowance is a non-contributory Social Security benefit paid to elderly disabled people in the United Kingdom.It was introduced in the National Insurance Act 1970. I trust that I have said enough to establish the case that the definitions in Clause 4 are open to improvement. My addendum gives my right hon. This counts as personal care. It has the major advantage of overcoming the insurance difficulty. In the instance which I have described it did not seem to be a very valuable judgment. I beg to move Amendment No. Friend the Under-Secretary one of the alternatives, the invalidity pension route. and hon. It doesn’t matter if you don’t currently get this help, as long as you can show you need it. I shall give not the details but the principles at stake. Certainly my doubts are shared by many general practitioners whom I know. That is because the Government wish the board to get on as rapidly as possible with the job of bringing an allowance to as many people as are entitled to it. Registered address: Brightfield Business Hub, Bakewell Road, Orton Southgate, Peterborough, PE2 6XU, you have a physical disability (including sensory disability, for example hearing loss), a mental disability (including learning difficulties), or both, your disability is severe enough for you to need help caring for yourself or someone to supervise you, for your own or someone else’s safety, you have needed that help for at least 6 months (unless you’re terminally ill), normally live in the UK, Ireland, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands, and not be subject to immigration control (unless you are a sponsored immigrant), have been in Great Britain (or Northern Ireland, if you live there) for at least two out of the last three years – this rule does not apply if you are terminally ill. not be subject to immigration control, unless you are a sponsored immigrant.


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